Mobility Services

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) providers aspire to end our love affair with personal car ownership with the promise to reduce the cost of personal mobility. The vision is to offer one subscription package for a set monthly price that provides easy access to Car aaS including on-demand rides, hourly and daily rental cars, all modes of public transportation (bus, train, subway, etc.) and often even bike and scooter rentals.

Long term, the combination of lower operation cost of electric vehicle fleets, of taking the driver cost out of the ride hailing equation, and of incentives to share rides will make MaaS much more economic than car ownership.

Today, even the most successful ride hailing companies in the world are serving less than 1% of the addressable market. In the U.S.A., 99% of road passenger miles are still driven in personally owned cars. Providers of commercial or P2P ridesharing, carsharing and traditional car rental services serve an even smaller sliver of the addressable market.

ecomo offers mobility service providers a new advertising and marketing platform aaS to directly and efficiently target the underserved segment of traditional car owners by offering an entire suite of value adding features for consumers and the providers that serve them:

  • Analyze mobility needs of personal car owners and users of other mobility services,
  • Calculate the true individual and societal cost of personal transportation, including money, time and emissions
  • Benchmark the true mobility cost of passenger cars with that of other mobility services 
  • Aggregate and visualize the results for individual users, enterprises, cities and government entities
  • Facilitate access to a marketplace of providers of more economic and environmentally friendly transportation systems and services
  • Incentivize and reward individual car/ mobility users for making more economic and environmentally friendly mobility choices
  • Make personal mobility more affordable for individuals, families, businesses and society overall.

Attract untapped customer potential and increase share of wallet with more comprehensive, more economic and more sustainable mobility services.

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