Financial Advisors

Financial service providers offer powerful tools to help customers manage their budgets, payments, savings, investments, retirement and mortgages. Interestingly, tools to manage and reduce mobility expenses are not available, even though cars consume 25% of the average household budget and are often a reason why many families fail to pay their bills, credit cards and mortgages or retire into poverty.

ecomo offers financial service providers a new financial management tool to assist their customers with reducing the cost of mobility. With the potential to cut mobility cost in half and to quadruple retirement savings over a lifetime, ecomo delivers financial service providers a valuable tool to reduce default ratios, to launch a new breed of investment products and to increase assets under management overall:

  • Understand and analyze personal mobility needs, usage of personal car and other mobility services
  • Calculate the true personal and societal cost of mobility, including money, time and emissions
  • Benchmark the true mobility cost of passenger cars with that of other mobility services 
  • Facilitate access to a marketplace of providers of more economic and environmentally friendly mobility services
  • Incentivize and reward individual car/ mobility users for making more economic and environmentally friendly mobility choices.

Help your customers unlock mobility savings they can put to more profitable financial use.

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