Enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to provide economic, time efficient and sustainable options for their employees to get to work and home, as congestion in urban areas is getting worse year over year.

Companies are launching individual initiatives to offer their employees better mobility options, that help reduce lost time in traffic, the cost transportation and the carbon footprint. While intuitive, such programs often lack the necessary metrics to justify the investment and to measure results and success.

ecomo provides a platform aaS solution that allows enterprises to:

  • Systematically analyze the true mobility cost, time and emissions for their employees and locations
  • Make fact-based decisions for initiatives and incentives to improve transportation efficiency and carbon footprint for their employees and the communities they work and live in
  • Manage and measure results and success of these initiatives.

Reduce the out of pocket expenses for your employees, reward the reduction of your carbon footprint and make personal mobility more affordable in the cities you operate in.

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