Cities are struggling to keep up with the many new mobility service providers that are conquering city transportation. Most of the new players operate asset and people light, have powerful consumer facing applications and access to invaluable personal mobility data. The new entrants win market share from traditional taxi and public transportation services, often on the more profitable routes. Their success sometimes comes with unintended consequences, like even more single passenger cars on already congested roads and havoc on curbs and bus stops.

ecomo delivers a platform aaS solution that puts cities back in the driver seat of managing and improving city transportation. ecomo allows cities to combine public transportation services with car based services into integrated mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) packages, offer incentives to citizens and car owners for more economic and sustainable mobility choices and cross- modal pricing models that balance supply and demand across times, locations and modes and incentivize mobility service providers to efficiently use vehicle, road and curb capacity.

  • Increase ridership of public transportation services with a consumer application that delivers value for MaaS customers AND converts car users
  • Analyze mobility needs of drivers of personal cars and riders of other transportation modes
  • Calculate the true personal and societal cost of transportation, including money, time and emissions for cars and other modes
  • Aggregate, compare and visualize the aggregate true mobility cost of passenger cars with that of other modes of transportation for individual users, enterprises, cities and government entities
  • Provide all citizens with a marketplace for economic and environmentally friendly transportation services
  • Incentivize and reward individual car/ mobility users for making more economic and environmentally friendly mobility choices (e.g., ride sharing, park & ride)
  • Offer Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) packages with easy access to all modes of public transportation (bus, train, subway, etc.), parking, bike and scooter rentals and to Car aaS, including on-demand rides, hourly and daily rental cars
  • Offer MaaS packages with pricing models that are more economic than owning and parking cars in city centers
  • Blind trials and implementation of smart mobility pricing to balance supply and demand across times, locations and modes

Make personal mobility more affordable for individuals, families, businesses and society overall your city.

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