Partners use our platform as-a-service solution to launch and manage mobility and carbon initiatives with measurable operational, financial and societal results.

  • Enterprises get empowered to launch measurable corporate social responsibility initiatives, to reduce the total cost of mobility for their employees, incentivize smarter mobility choices and reduce their carbon footprint
  • Cities can offer competitive Mobility-as-a-Service packages, pricing and incentive programs to make mobility more affordable for their citizens
  • Mobility service providers get a new advertising and marketing platform to target 99% of the currently unserved addressable market of personal car owners
  • Financial advisors can offer a new tool to tackle the second largest expense item of many customers and put the savings to better use.

Bottom line, saving mobility cost, time, and emissions unlocks tremendous economic value for society overall. ecomo provides the tools to our partners to make mobility more affordable for individuals, families, companies and the communities they work and live in.   

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