Consumers can use our free application to reduce the cost, time and pollution of transportation by choosing more economic and more sustainable mobility services for their specific personal transportation needs.  

Ownership of too many, oversized and underutilized cars comes at significant opportunity costs that can easily exceed millions over our lifetime.

This is one reason why some families struggle to pay their bills, credit cards and mortgages and many retire into poverty. For their cars, families are regularly spending twice what most can put aside for retirement. The average retiree age 66 to 69 in the U.S.A. has $200,000 in a retirement savings account, the median nest egg is just $60,000.

ecomo helps families find ways to cut mobility expenses and use the savings to pay bills, credit cards, and mortgages or quadruple their nest egg over a lifetime.

Our team is working hard with lighthouse partners to get the app ready for prime time.

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