We create valuable investment and business opportunities by connecting carefully selected startups with large companies and cities in pursuit of game changing innovation in transportation.

We are in the early stages of a massively disruptive shift to electric, connected, shared, (“uberization”) and self-driven vehicles. Over the next ten years, the digitization of the transport of people and goods has the potential to create $11.4 trillion of economic value globally, based on our recent study on the effects of transport digitization. During the same period, it is anticipated that $6.4 trillion of value will migrate to other stakeholders, leaving $5 trillion of net economic value creation. The underlying economic model integrates over 450 effects from numerous academic and industry studies into a comprehensive industry model that describes the flow of money between the potential “winners and losers” of the transformation of road transportation. Stakeholders in the automotive, oil, insurance, mobile service provider, fleet/telematics, intelligent transportation and mobility-as-a service industries, as well as leaders of countries and mayors of cities are working on how they can secure benefits and minimize collateral damage from this disruption.

What we do

We provide advisory, consulting, and investment services to businesses, governments, and consumers to create economic mobility solutions with innovative vehicle concepts, transportation systems, and transportation services.

Who we are

Andreas Mai is an angel investor, board member and expert in business and technology architectures covering autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service and ‘The Internet of Everything’ for automotive and insurance companies, service providers, and governments, and is frequently invited to speak at conferences worldwide.
During his career, he led Cisco’s connected vehicle business and has advised automotive OEMs and suppliers, industrial equipment and aerospace suppliers, and private equity investors in North America and Europe, as a consultant with Roland Berger and PRTM (PWC).
He has published a number of seminal papers at ITS and SAE World Congresses, including “Driving Disruptive Innovation in the Age of Digitization” (“Digital or Dead”, ISBN 3000544143), “Digitization of Road Transportation: “$5 Trillion Value at Stake”, and “Internet of Cars: A Business Case”.
Andreas holds a Diploma (Dipl.-Kaufmann) in European Business from the universities of Osnabrück (Germany), ESTE Universidad de Deusto (Spain), and Buckinghamshire (UK).
He served on multiple task forces of the World Economic Forum (e.g., Autonomous Vehicle, Smart City), and on the boards of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association, the Connected Car Council, Octo Telematics, Cohda Wireless, and Covisint.


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